COVID-19 Recovery

In the face of crisis, New York City has always been strong and resilient and, to recover from COVID-19, we are going to need to tap that strength and resilience like never before. The work ahead of us will be difficult, but if we work together, we can grow back stronger than ever before.


A just COVID-19 recovery must center those communities disproportionately impacted and all tenants and small businesses that have faced hardship.


As we continue to fight COVID-19, I support:

  • Making all testing and treatment free.

  • Prevent Beth Israel and Roosevelt Hospitals from eliminating COVID-dedicated beds.

  • Canceling rent and debt payments until the crisis ends, and providing small landlords with tax reductions equivalent to the rent lost.

  • Enacting a moratorium on arrests for non-violent crimes.

  • Expand and accelerate air filtration improvement in city schools.


To recover from this crisis over the coming years, I am committed to fighting for:

  • Expanding the number of hospital beds.

  • Ending hospital closures and mergers. 

  • Fighting budget austerity in the wake of COVID-19 by reducing the police budget to fund social services and raising revenue by developing a city tax program that includes a stock transfer tax and higher rates of tax on the capital gains and income of the super wealthy.

  • Housing the homeless permanently so that no one has to contend with unstable conditions, especially in times of crisis.