New York City is an extremely unequal city, where the extremely wealthy have extraordinary power, services, and opportunities that working people do not. Closing the extremely wide gap between the uber-rich and everyone else is essential to making sure that New York remains a city for all.


Economic justice means justice for families, tenants, people of color, and everyone else whose survival depends on their next paycheck or social security check. 


As your next City Council Member, I will fight for justice by:

  • Working with the State to raise taxes on higher-income brackets and instituting a stock transfer tax so that the wealthy pay their fair share.

  • Fighting for New York City home rule on taxation to generate revenue to power city services. 

  • Closing the racial wealth gap by building government-financed affordable housing, integrating neighborhoods, funding schools, creating and enforcing affirmative action programs, eliminating tuition at our public colleges, and providing job training for people whose jobs have disappeared.

  • Preventing corruption in economic development by banning non-disclosure agreements in project negotiations and implementing a database to track budgets and returns on public investment in economic development projects.

  • Capping subsidies and tax breaks that private corporations can receive from the city and improving transparency regarding these.

  • Expanding citywide wi-fi and making sure every student has a tablet or a laptop. In a digital world, access to the internet and devices are becoming more and more of a necessity with each passing day. With so much of our lives now conducted virtually, inequality in all parts of our society is significantly exacerbated by digital divides.

  • Assuring quality higher education, free of charge, to all New York City residents.