Our public education system serves more than 1 million students. Each and everyone deserves a high-quality education regardless of race, zip code, and economic status. But, this won’t be possible without ending the inequality that runs throughout our school system. Creating equity in schools today is one of the most important investments we can make in the future of our city.


Beyond K-12 education, New York City is also home to CUNY, which has grown some of our brightest minds and leaders and consistently driven economic mobility. But, chronic underfunding prevents our exceptional public university system from reaching its full potential to provide higher education to all. Protecting and strengthening CUNY must always be a priority for our city.


As your next City Council Member, I am committed to fighting for:

  • Reinvesting in CUNY so that tuition is free. The ability to attend college should not be determined by finance, and every New Yorker deserves access to our public university.

  • Paying adjunct professors fully and fairly so that educators are not subsisting off of poverty wages.

  • Funding all schools fully and equally and continuing the fight to fulfill the promises of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity. 

  • Increasing the number of school buildings and seats and hiring more teachers to lower class sizes.

  • Expanding the role of Community Education Councils to check the Mayor’s control of schools and increase community-centered democracy in educational decisions.

  • Growing the number of gifted and talented schools and specialized high schools, and establishing requirements that a certain number of students in every school and community are guaranteed access to these programs.

  • Desegregating our schools and making sure that geography, income, and race are not barriers to accessing a world-class K-12 education.

  • Creating 3K programs in every single community in New York City.

  • Reimagining PTAs for equity between school communities. Right now, parents are fundraising to fill the gaps between the needs of their schools and DOE funding. But, if schools are fully funded, this would no longer be necessary. To make sure that PTAs are equitable between schools, they should each receive a baseline sum of money that they can direct to enrichment programs. Supplemental fundraising beyond this should be capped, with any excess going to a common fund shared equitably between multiple schools.

  • Limiting the expansion of charter schools. Students and families seeking a quality education should not have to turn away from our public schools. 

  • Removing the NYPD from our schools and replacing them with social workers.