Public transportation makes New York City possible. But, our system is crumbling and increasingly unreliable and, when the subways and buses don’t run on time, we all lose. We are not investing enough into our transportation, and without adequate funding, this means that costs are passed off onto riders. No one should have to be forced to pay more for worse service. 


New Yorkers deserve world-class public transportation. We should not just sustain the system we have; we should upgrade and expand it.


As your next City Council Member, I am committed to fighting for:

  • Investing at least a billion dollars each year into mass transit to make buses free and reduce subway fares. Everyone should be able to access transportation, and eliminating bus fares through an infusion of funding is an important step towards that. 

  • Reimagining our streets wherever possible to prioritize public transportation; opening more dedicated bus lanes and opening entire streets for bikes.

  • Turning four lanes of Park Avenue into a bicycle thoroughfare.

  • Creating publicly-owned, unionized rideshare programs in communities currently underserved by the MTA.

  • Adding elevators and other accessibility measures to all public transportation, especially subways.