Our climate and natural world are deteriorating every day. Planning for New York City’s future also requires planning for how it will meet the climate crisis that will only heighten in the coming decades. 


While we build more sustainable infrastructure and reduce our carbon footprint, it is critical that we address the environmental injustice built into our city. Communities must be at the decision-making table, and additional support must be given to those that have been disproportionally affected by polluting infrastructure.


As your next City Council Member, I am committed to fighting for:

  • Supporting a national Green New Deal by building fossil-fuel-free infrastructure and creating new jobs in the process. 

  • Reducing the usage of cars by promoting mass transit and alternative transportation. And exploring opportunities to expand Open Streets programs.

  • A massive increase in investment in green spaces, such as parks, community gardens, and waterfronts. 

  • Ending the construction of gas pipelines and fossil fuel infrastructure within city limits.

  • Building resiliency infrastructure to prevent the impacts of natural disasters and seawater rise.

  • Shutting down Depression-era wastewater treatment plants and other polluting facilities in communities that disproportionately are burdened with pollution.

  • Expanding funding for alternative energy.

  • Decarbonizing our power grid.

  • Divesting the city pension fund from fossil fuels.

  • Retrofitting public buildings, particularly NYCHA buildings, to decrease their carbon footprints.