New York is the greatest city in the world, but the people who make it great have to be able to afford to live here. And right now, they can’t. Our city is failing tenants at every turn, and isn’t embracing the truly transformative solutions that could make a real difference for everyone who calls New York home. 


Housing is a human right, which means it must be accessible and affordable to everyone. But right now, we’re in an affordability crisis, and we need bold action and commitment from our city leaders to end it. 


To meet this crisis as your next City Council Member, I am committed to fighting for:

  • Developing a comprehensive and bold capital plan to fund new, city-built affordable housing. 

  • Ending our reliance on corporate, private developers to build our affordable housing.

  • Requiring that 40% of all housing construction, including as-of-right development, in District 3 and New York be affordable units. Additionally, 25% of those units must be reserved for seniors.

  • Getting the owners of the St. Johns Building to return to their original agreement to create 500 much-needed units of affordable housing right here in District 3.

  • Fighting gentrification by enforcing rules against destabilizing apartments.

  • Funding NYCHA by billions more to meet urgent needs, including capital repairs.

  • Implementing a NYCHA tenants’ Bill of Rights, which will allow tenants to receive rent deductions when elevators, compactors, and heating systems don’t work and to engage in rent strikes and pool their money for capital repairs.

  • Ensuring NYCHA is accountable to tenants through expanding democracy and giving tenants more control. NYCHA currently is complex and bureaucratic, making accountability impossible-- it must be simplified. Tenants must have majority representation on its board and full involvement in resolving disputes. There must also be a navigable system for tenant complaints and for NYCHA complaints against tenants.

  • Ending privatization of NYCHA through the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program. Private companies must never control or own public property, especially not our critically important public housing stock.