For far too long, Black and Brown New Yorkers have been suffering at the hands of a bloated and unaccountable police force. It is clear that armed officers and violent intervention does not and cannot keep our city safe. 


While we need a safe New York, we must divest from “law enforcement” as we know it today and invest in social services and communities. Taking steps to reimagine public safety is one of the most important actions our city can take to pursue justice.


As your next City Council Member, I am committed to fighting for:

  • Reducing funding for the NYPD and shifting the funds into social services and creating access to jobs, schools, housing, and health care access. As a start, the budget must be reduced by $3 billion. I will not vote for any budget that sustains at current levels or expands the NYPD during my time in office. 

  • Electing and empowering a genuine Civilian Complaint Review Board.

  • Enacting an immediate hiring freeze and reductions in the NYPD force. This should be achieved in part through investigating and firing all officers who have participated in unprovoked brutality in the recent months’ protests.

  • Shifting noise complaints, mental health crises, and most other regular conflict handling that the NYPD currently is responsible for to unarmed, trained social workers. Most problems that the police intervene in today would be better addressed by social workers, homeless outreach workers, or medical personnel. Situations should be responded to with armed forces only in the rarest of cases.

  • Closing Rikers as a first step to ending unnecessary incarceration.

    Ending cash bail and eliminating most pre-trial imprisonment.

  • Curtailing the use of surveillance technology, including facial recognition software, predictive algorithms, and data sharing with private companies. 

Ultimately, these are intermediate steps.